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Meet The Team!

Daphne- Partner

Daphne heads Business Relations and Strategic capacities along with Roger at Mannah Hunt. An individual with sharp business insight analytical thinking and basic problem solving skills. She also has a distinct quality mindset and attention to detail.

Roger- Managing Partner & Head Branding

A key individual in the group, Roger has in general 13+ years of experience of which 6 years as an advisory member from different business administration groups regarding HR forms. He is an individual whose knowledge, reputation, and/or skills are critical to the viability or growth of an organization. In Mannah Hunt, he concentrates on executing new and imaginative staffing and learning procedures, reinforcing client fulfillment and strengthening a successful recruiting program.

Johnsi – Team Lead

Johnsi is an experienced, diligent and a dedicated professional in this field. She is not one whom shies away from additional responsibility to ensure smooth running of the business making her a valuable asset. She maintains a cordial working relationship with every level of colleagues and always maintains a cheerful disposition. Having such a team player leading the group makes the Mannah Hunt team stand out from the rest.

Dean - Recruiting & Business Liaison officer

He assists the Head of BD & Marketing to ensure that the firm’s BD plans for each sector are kept up-to-date and relevant. In addition ensures that the campaigns of activity required for each plan to drive growth, client relationship management and profile are executed. Exceptional interpersonal skills, demonstrates professionalism in all dealings, a self-starter, able to demonstrate high levels of initiative and motivation, but also works closely with other team members. Depending on the project setup, Dean sometimes goes to client meetings, conduct interviews and discuss our solutions.